Class of 1999 20th Reunion

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The rumors are true. Our 20th reunion is just around the corner. And it is our job, as the Reunion Committee, to get you there.

We considered trying to convince you that reunion is cool, but that approach seemed like a lot of work. So, instead, we decided to just give you the facts: we really, truly, deeply miss you and are dying to hang out!

And to make sure it’s a uniquely '99 reunion, we’ve added a few “off-calendar” events including a pre-party in Los Angeles on Thursday, and an after-party in Claremont on Saturday night. We also have some ideas for extended childcare, to ensure you can party like it’s 1999!

We’ll stop here for now, but you haven’t heard the last of us! We’re (still) on Facebook “CMC Class Of '99” and we’ll be in your inboxes (not too much, we promise!).

Come see us! You won’t regret it.

And now, the fine print, courtesy of CMC:

In the next few days here are some things you can do to support our reunion:

  • Plan to Attend! Please plan to join us for the weekend of April 25–28, 2019.
  • Book Your Hotel Room. There are a limited number of rooms at the Doubletree Claremont. Go to the Alumni Weekend Accommodations page for more information!
  • Spread the Word! Tell our classmates about the reunion and encourage them to attend.
  • Nominate Professors and Classmates as Speakers. Which professors would you like to connect with during reunion? Suggest classmates to speak at the reunion and share their post-graduation journeys.
  • Follow Us! Stay up-to-date on the latest Alumni Weekend action on Instagram @cmcalumniandfamilies.
  • Giving: Consider making a reunion gift to honor our class!

We’ve been waiting 20 years for this weekend and we plan to make it count! #CMCAlumniWeekend, #PartyLikeIts1999.

With love from some old friends,

Catherine Harris + Chelina Odbert (Still talk everyday and love CMC a little too much!)
Zachary Courser (He’s got an office above the Ath!)
Carl See (Still a twin and an OCG)
Tim McPheron (Father of 1,2,3 girls)
Brian Smith (Still a Republican?)
Stacie Yee (Partner. Check!)
Ryan “Scooter” Gomes (#1 college football coach)
Justin “Punchie” Smith (Ruby? Are you still there?)
Lara Tift Regus + Justin Regus (They got married!)
Kris Burrell (That’s Professor Burrell, to you)
Lance Lanfear (Nominated for an Emmy)
Robin Mahapatra (You’ve gotta meet the twins)
O’Keeya Singleton (5th graders LOVE him!)
Monte Albers de Leon (Knows Hillary)
Lindsay Wilson Vos (Still saving the world)
Stacey Fong (Now in the triple digits of RENT viewings)
Amy Gwynne (Two words: Lenny and Squiggy)
Jeremy Vandervoet (Our own Willy Wonka)
Ashwin Navin (Loves to Samba!)
Chris “Poppa” Crowson (Not-so-secret RHWNYC fan)
Sarah Barzen Slayen (Has the sweetest mini-me)
Cami Griep (Class of '99's favorite novelist)

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