Class of 1954 65th Reunion

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Our CMC 65th reunion is being planned! It’s time again to celebrate those early years when Dr. Benson started a great new college…we are an important part of that milestone, as we cleared rocks from the sagebrush between the buildings (amongst other accomplishments, the least of which was graduating)!

THE BIG WEEKEND is Friday, April 26 to Sunday, April 28.

BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOM NOW at the DoubleTree Hilton in Claremont (formerly Griswold’s) at a reduced group rate of $169/night plus tax. Call the hotel at 909-626-2411 or follow the Accommodations link.

REGISTER TO ATTEND—Saturday for sure—but we hope you can be there during the entire weekend for the planned reunion.

A SCHEDULE OF EVENTS will be sent to you in January, and will include the all-class dinner on Friday, our special 65th Class Dinner on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday.

Please join our Class of 1954 Reunion Committee—everyone has the job of encouraging others to join us!

Thanks and see you there,

Bill Barrington ’54 P’84
1506 Keel Drive
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

We have wonderful news! Frates is never again going to harass you on phone night. With that concern out of the way, herewith the first (actually second, if you consider the pro forma administration sanctioned unctuous canned glossy flyer that has already graced your mailbox as actually representative of the spirit of our class) epistle from your stalwart reunion committee (Alan Thompson, Rob Bly, Doug Montgomery, Gene Hewett, Pearson Cotton and your humble scribes – see below) regarding our upcoming 50th reunion.

Dispensing with the requisite reunion minutiae:

    • Register for Alumni Weekend on April 25-28, 2019
      • Yes, still standing faculty will be mustered so you can:
      • Reminisce about old times
      • Thank them for inspiring your life long quest for knowledge and enlightenment
      • Complain about the grade you got in their class
      • Smugly brag about how successful you have been despite your rancid undergraduate academic record (DeGroot may take honors here, given his stellar career, but Frates yields to no one regarding lousy grades at CMC).
    • Yes, there will be tours of the campus and other such stuff
    • Most interesting, there will be a session where the Registrar compares the academic requirements from our time to the current standards (What! No 8 o’clock on Saturday! What happened to two semesters of Western Civ? Anybody still care about a classic liberal arts education? Only one semester of econ? Etc. This ought to be really interesting).

Now, let’s cut to the chase. To make this work and rally the troops, we need your help. A committee member will call you soon (not asking for money – scouts honor) and ask if there are any classmates you have kept in touch with (kindly provide contact info) and if there are any classmates you’d like to know about (we’ll do our best to answer). This process is key to getting this whole show airborne. If you give some consideration to these two matters, you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable natter when one of your Reunion Committee members calls. Remember, this isn’t phone night, so relax and enjoy.

We’ll keep you posted, and when we get enough info on everyone perhaps another of the (in)famous class update letters will be forthcoming.

See you in April!

Steve Frates and Chris Walker

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