CMC is proud that all staff remained fully employed and paid in 2020 as the College was forced to implement remote learning, teaching and working in March 2020. However, the protracted closure of CMC's residential program triggers part- and full-time furloughs for 127 staff members who saw their campus workload reduced or eliminated.  

In an effort to mitigate the economic impact on staff and their families, generous trustees, alumni, and parents have established the CMC Employee Assistance Fund, adminstered by America's Charities. Both fully and partially furloughed staff who complete a simple application process, and who meet the criteria for demonstrated financial hardship, will receive a tax-free cash grant of $3,000 in January. All eligible, full-time furloughed staff may apply for an additional $3,000 in a second round of grant funding in April. 

CMC community members are encouraged to contribute to the Fund. Your gift will go directly to these members of our community and all donations to the fund are tax deductible.

CMC is committed to continuous, innovative support for our employees during this unprecedented time. Your support will have a significant impact on our community now — and into the future.

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