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The Parents Fund Class Challenge

     Parent donor participation is an essential metric to any college.  This year, the class that achieves the highest parent donor participation in the Parents Fund will be rewarded with one of the following prizes:

A trip to Santa Monica Beach

Free meal from a guormet food truck  

Free T-Shirts for everyone in the class 

*The prize will be determined by the student elected class president. 

Since tuition covers roughly half the cost of one education at the College, the Parents Fund is essential to enhancing all the wonderful program that make CMC one of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation.  As a parent of a current student, when you make a gift to the Parents Fund, you not only help support the incredible educational experience at CMC, due to the Parents Fund Class Challenge, your student may be rewarded with a wonderful prize.

The competition ends on April 15th

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 The results as of 4/12/11: