Class Liaisons 

Class Liaisons act as helpful intermediaries between the Alumni Association, the Office of Alumni Relations, and each class.  In addition to disseminating useful College-related information to their fellow alumni, Class Liaisons also help the alumni community stay connected to each other and to CMC by collecting newsworthy information from their classmates for publication in the CMC magazine Class Notes section. The Class Liaison community enjoys networking with different class years, early access to the latest College news, and a great excuse to keep up with old friends.

Please contact your Class Liaison (contact information listed below) and share your news about families, vacations, travels, promotions, marriages, births, etc. Everything human interests us—and your classmates!

If your class does not have a Liaison, please email to report Class Notes for the CMC magazine or to volunteer for the position. For detailed information about the Class Liaison program, policy and structure, see the CMCAA Class Liaison Policy.

Class Liaison Contact List
Pacesetters | 1951-1959 | 1960-1969 | 1970-1979
1980-1989 | 1990-1999 | 2000-2012



 Jim Stoessel '50




 Position Open



 Position Open



 Dave Arbuckle



 Bill Barrington



 Tom Bernstein



 Chuck Batterson


 Gary Neuhoff


 Robert McCrary



 Omer Long




 Richard Meyers



 Bob Sunshine



 Marshall Sale



 Russell Iungerich



 Steve Schoen



 Joe Bradley 



 John Green
 Rick Learned



 Russell Chung



 Miles Swarthout



 Rob Bly



 Dan Altemus



 Dan Cooper



 Bob Bills


 Ken Gilbert


 Steve Newmark



 Ken Greenberg



 Mark Lauria



 Albert Harutunian III



 Frank Chmelik


 Clint Greenbaum




 Pablo Nathan



 Paul Graff


 Position Open



 Tammie (Calef) Krisciunas 



 Jerome Haig


 Merrill Richmond


 Jennifer (Saltzman) Uner


 Fred Dellovade



 Frank Tobin


 Todd Thomas




 Faye (Karnavy) Sahai


 Anne-Marie D’Agostino
 Ingrid (Morris) Ensing
 Eric Wise



 Ingrid (Simon) Innes



 Kathryn Pearson



 Chip Nierlich



 Chris Gooch
 Jori Hayner


 Jake Zimmerman


 Will Ballard
 Andy Chasin
 Aimee Aver



 John Nelson
 Val Chulamorkodt



 Louis Levine



 Steve Grove
 Allison (Davis) O'Keefe



 Arjun McAvoy



 Kaitlin Waterson


 Brian Green
 Matt Poladian


 Mike Avent 


 Mitch Browne
 Tiffany Williams



 Alex (Marin) Cohen


 Emily Ferrell
 Tauseef Rahman



 Kirthi Narasimhan
 Samantha Stecker


 Erik Hansell
 Bremner Morris



 Emily Meinhardt
 Abhi Nemani 

 RDS Masters Liaisons
 Alex Shakibinia
 Ed Conrad


 Laura Bottorff
 Divya Vishwanath


 RDS Masters Liaison
 Chris Strieter


 William Brown
 Mark Munro


 RDS Masters Liaison
 Craig Dabney


 Ellie Beckett
 Clare Riva


 Aria Krumwiede