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Army ROTC celebrates a century

CMC’s ROTC program continues a Claremont tradition.

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Students help voters overcome polarization, complexity, and misinformation

A new Rose Institute video series provides an impartial guide to the November 6 California ballot propositions.

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Athenaeum fellows seek fair understanding by airing opposing views

“CMC students are constantly seeking out information that disproves their opinion—because if they are wrong, they don’t want to be wrong for a minute longer.”
-Hamsa Srikanth ’19

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Washington, D.C. program turns 45

CMC’s Washington Program evolves with new director Maija Harkonen. This semester’s cohort of 15 students is working in a range of industries beyond politics and government, including media, technology, international law, and consulting.

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Phoebe Madsen ’20 sets up Athenas for more success

Phoebe Madsen asserts her leadership on the defending national champion CMS women's volleyball team.

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Public art ceremony honors Roberts’ gift

Thanks to George Roberts ’66 P’93 and Linnea Conrad Roberts, campus artworks by Chris Burden and Ellsworth Kelly have become fixtures of CMC life. Their gifts have inspired more artists and donors to create art for the College.

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CMC welcomes new faculty for 2018-19

This year’s 11 junior faculty, two associate professors, and seven full-time visiting professors offer expertise across 12 disciplines.

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1946 Challenge takes place Oct. 16-17

Now is our time. Get ready for the 1946 Challenge and support scholarships, athletic programs, faculty recruitment, and facility upgrades.

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Explore Scotland and Ireland with the Alumni Association

The CMCAA’s 30th Euromeet weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland, offers an opportunity for two weeks of additional travel throughout Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland from June 16-28, 2019.

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