CMC Presidential Initiative on Anti-Racism and the Black Experience in America

A new Presidential Initiative on Anti-Racism and the Black Experience in America launches in the 2020-2021 academic year, developing a long-term, structural, integrated educational response to racism, inequality, and inequity.

"We can’t rely solely on those who bear the burdens of racism. We can’t return casually to the old educational playbook of more endless studies, ineffective programs, and unmeasurable goals,” said President Hiram Chodosh. “Most of all, we must develop a fresh vision, strategy, action plan, and accountable measures for how best to reinforce our values in action: through our behavior, our relationships, our community, our country."

CMC’s Model UN is one of best in nation

CMC’s Model UN is one of the five best teams in North America—and the top team on the West Coast—according to Best Delegate Model United Nations rankings. “CMC truly prepares students to wrestle with complex global issues,” said Sahib Bhasin ’21, president of CMC’s Model UN team.

Guiding students through the politics of public policy

Prof. Shanna Rose is directing CMC’s new public policy major that prepares students for internships, graduate school, the nonprofit sector, and think tanks. Students are provided with analytical and quantitative tools, as well as skills for writing memos and policy.

How diversity and inclusion work starts with each of us

Vince Greer, associate dean of students for diversity, inclusion, and residential life, reflects on this moment of societal change and how CMC can facilitate growth through "empathy, understanding, and action."

Appel Fellowship program thrives despite pandemic

Through innovation and imagination, the Appel Fellowship is adapting to a world under quarantine. “This new model promotes a very healthy attitude about knowledge and about writing,” said Christine Crockett '01, director of CWPD.

Tan ’20 wins First-Team Academic All-America

Nicole Tan ’20 became the sixth CMS scholar-athlete to win First-Team Academic All-America honors after helping the women’s tennis team to a 2018 national title, winning ITA All-America honors five times, and graduating with a 3.87 GPA in neuroscience.

New head of facilities management appointed

Larry Burik is joining CMC as associate vice president of facilities management and capital projects. Burik is responsible for planning, budgeting, and management of all campus facilities. He was formerly with The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens.

Make your gift today

The fiscal year is drawing to a close and Claremont McKenna College needs your support. Each gift, no matter the size, has enormous impact on our students and the future of CMC! Please make your donation before June 30.

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