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What It's Like to Drop Off Your Student at College
A Rite of Passage: Living the Dorm Life
How to Start College at CMC
Student Privacy for Healthcare and Grades: The Parent Perspective
Fostering Support, Building Community and Inclusivity on Campus
Parent Network Board  - April Meeting Minutes

Dropping Off Your Student

August 22, 2019

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe my youngest will be starting his college experience tomorrow. I still picture him as a 5-year-old at his birthday party, a 9-year-old skiing a black diamond trail for the first time, a 13-year-old on the soccer field. I am so excited for him to start his freshman year at CMC but at the same time, I am gripped by this feeling of nostalgia for his childhood days. I promise I won’t cause a scene as we leave his dorm room after drop-off……

The start of school is less than one month away and, finally, after struggling through the past 18 months, life is returning to normal. Claremont McKenna students will be back on campus! Move-in day is a hectic, emotional event for many families, but the good news is that CMC has established a helpful orientation schedule that will provide reams of useful information. The schedule of events for P'24 and P'25 families can be found on the CMC website under “Families” and then, Parents & Family Orientation.

Tips from a parent that has moved two kids into three different schools:

  • Move-in day is exciting and may be stressful for all involved for different reasons. Don’t expect everything to go perfectly (What do you mean the sheets don’t fit?!) and take a break often to breathe and keep it all in perspective.
  • Allow your student to set the pace. Remember, this is their move-in day, not yours.
  • If possible, have your student pre-pack a bag for their WOA trip.
  • Meet other parents! CMC is truly a community and that extends to families as well. We have made some wonderful friends by engaging with other parents.
  • If you find a $20 bill in Phillips Hall, it’s probably mine from 2019. Please return.

Class of 2025 Parent & Family Orientation and Move-in

Class of 2024 Student Move-In and Parent Programming

Class of 2025 and 2024 International Parent Programming

  • Virtual sessions specifically for international families will take place July 27-30.
  • Move-in day for '24 and '25 international students is Thursday, August 19.
  • President Hiram Chodosh is hosting a special reception for international parents Friday, August 20.
  • International parents of the classes of 2025 and 2024 are invited to attend the parent programming on Sunday, August 22.
  • Click here to register!

Other Important Info:

If you have not already done so, please take a moment to register online! This will save you a ton of time while checking in. Also, please note that you DO NOT need to register your student. Their registration is handled by the Dean of Students Office. Remind them to check their CMC email and portal daily!

Before programming begins on move-in day, head to the Hub at Emmett Student Center to check in and receive your nametags, schedule, tickets, and other important information. Please note students may begin moving in at 8:00 a.m.; students must be present to sign for their room keys.

What to bring? Click here for a great list of suggestions.

Keep in mind that the COVID-19 situation is continually changing, and that the College is adhering to CDC and LA County guidelines. At this time, masks must be worn indoors at all times. International parents who would like to attend the special reception at the President’s House must be vaccinated with an approved WHO vaccine and provide a negative test result. CMC will provide COVID tests free of charge. Simply email to initiate this process.

August 28, 2019

Dear Diary,

Well, we did it. We left our son at school. He seems so happy and his WOA trip sounds like so much fun, part of me wishes I was going. The “separation” was not as bad as I had feared and I managed to avoid any emotional outbursts (at least in public). There was only one time during the day where I began to get a bit choked up. My son and wife were walking ahead of me by Parents Field. My son put his arm around my wife’s shoulder and she leaned her head against his arm. All of sudden I found myself in one of those old Kodak commercials with Paul Anka singing “Times of Your Life” in the background (the shadows of misty yesteryears!). I shake it off and continued to carry 40 pounds of bedding and supplies from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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Parent News, A History...  

A Rite of Passage: Living the Dorm Life

Making the trek to college, whether being away from home for the first time or returning for another year, is one of the most exciting times in a young adult's life. Living independently, making new friends, facing new challenges, and pulling a few all-nighters is common, but can also be hectic. Creating a dorm room akin to home - warm, livable, and comfortable - provides students with a much needed sanctuary.

In addition, the steady vaccination rates have colleges poised to reopen classrooms, and students are eager to return to a sense of normalcy and the value of the face-to-face residential experience. Students should consider, however, ways to prepare and outfit their rooms this fall to make navigating the pandemic more manageable.

Though decorating a student's dorm room might not be as crucial as registering for classes or choosing a major, that small space will be their home for a while. When you think of "college dorm rooms," the first things that probably come to mind are things like cramped rooms, uninspired beds, and communal bathrooms. While this may be the case, it is possible to create an environment that is comfortable, welcoming, and cheerful.

With that in mind, think about these 5 things that could make the rite of passage to CMC dorm life feel a little more like home for your student:

    1. Think decluttering with a focus on what is truly essential. But don’t forget… good lighting, a sturdy backpack, and packing for the seasons are absolute musts. (There really are only two seasons in Claremont, so no need to pack a heavy jacket.)
    2. Let the dorm room serve as an inspiration and creatively spruce up the living space. Fuzzy carpets, cool wall posters (nails in the wall are not allowed), fluffy pillows, and of course a plant or two can bring color and life into the room.
    3. When shopping, try organizing a list of essentials into categories beforehand, such as bedding, storage, technology and electronics, school supplies, décor, bathroom supplies, and cleaning supplies. Your student may want to consider having plenty of disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and extra disposable masks on hand for when friends stop by.
    4. Have your student leverage a planner or mobile college packing list App.
    5. Consider reaching out to an RA or talking to a current student for real life insights. They may be a godsend for letting you in on the “must-have” things and the “don’t bother to bring” things. And for good measure they may even have insider tips on specifics about certain residential halls or student apartment complexes.

Keep in mind that CMC offers convenient amenities like access to study spaces, computer stations, tutors, game rooms, laundry rooms, music rooms and lounge areas. Microfridges are provided for all dorm rooms as well.

To help with a smooth transition, check out these helpful resources that are sure to make the dorm room planning, organizing and transitioning less stressful, more fun, and easier to manage.

CMC Residence Hall Website:

Videos of Dorm Rooms and Dorm Life:

Facebook Group:

  • Take advantage of the Parent Facebook group. Post a question to the group...ask them what they brought...ask them what they learned...or what not to’s helpful.

Finally, remember to pack your heart and thoughts with the knowledge that everything is really going to be okay.

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Parent News  

How to Start College at CMC

By Lisa Therron P’24

Here is a resource guide on housing, meal plans, billing, academics, and healthcare for your student. This guide contains helpful links and contact information.

Healthcare & Insurance

  • Student Health Services has a dedicated group of professionals including physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, administrators and other medical personnel available to take care of student health care needs at The Claremont Colleges.
  • Please note that due to HIPPA laws, if a student is over 18, their medical information cannot be shared unless the student has submitted a Medical Release Form.
  • All students must have health insurance coverage. For more information, visit the Dean of Students website or contact Lyn Hughes at

Meal Plan Options and Billing

  • Students can use their meal plans only at CMC in the fall semester. In addition to Collins and The Hub, students can order from the new CMC food truck, “@Theo’s” at mealtimes during the week, Monday-Friday. CMC partnered with GrubHub this year ... so students can order ahead and beat the meal lines.
  • Meal plan designations can be found in your student's Net Partner toward the end of August.
  • Around the first of August, students will receive a tuition invoice electronically through CASHnet. Your student can easily add you to the platform. You can find instructions here


  • Students have completed their housing applications and roommate preference forms. They will be assigned to their rooms and notified of their roommates the first week of August.
  • Housing assignments remain throughout the year; dorm room move-out dates for holidays are here and questions about housing can be directed to Jenny Guyett at


  • In August, all first-year students will be assigned a faculty advisor. Advisors will meet with their new advisees as a group on August 12, and then will schedule individual meetings with each student August 13-16 before course registration August 17-18.

Remember… tell your student to CHECK EMAIL AND THEIR PORTAL daily!
Your student will be getting information frequently through email and student portals.

Download the helpful infographic here to keep this information handy.

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Parent News, There's no place like...  

Student Privacy for Healthcare and Grades: The Parent Perspective

“My child tells me nothing” is a statement commonly heard among parents – and it’s no different when it comes to healthcare and grades while at college. CMC complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which was designed to protect student’s rights by maintaining the privacy of educational records, and providing guidelines for the correction of inaccurate or misleading information. CMC also encourages students to take responsibility and advocate for themselves, but realizes that some students may want to share their academic progress with their parents and welcome parental support when it comes to healthcare.

The bottom line? Parents and students over the age of 18 may want to have a conversation regarding the release of educational and medical records, and arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement. More information regarding the specific forms is below.

Healthcare: Student Health Services (SHS) and Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services (MCAPS) follow all required HIPAA and privacy guidelines, unless students pose a danger to themselves or to others. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), protects the privacy of medical records. As soon as a child turns 18, parents no longer have access to their medical information even if they are still covered by the parents’ health insurance. Students may elect to sign a Medical Release of Information Form, allowing health-care provides to share information with the authorized person.

If your student is a CMS athlete, be aware that athletes will be asked to complete the annual NCAA Student-Athlete HIPAA Authorization Form with the rest of their NCAA Eligibility paperwork. This allows athletic trainers, physicians, and other medical providers to freely communicate about an athlete’s healthcare-related information. It also allows coaches to be kept informed on the status and severity of injuries. In order for parents to be informed about sports-related health information, athletes would have to also sign the aforementioned SHS Medical Release of Information Form.

Grades and Educational Records:
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), is a federal law that administered by the Department of Education. FERPA applies to all institutions that receive funding from the department. Once a student reaches the age of 18 and enrolls in college, FERPA rights transfer from the parent to the individual student. As a result, CMC cannot release education records—including grades—to parents unless the student has given prior express written consent. Students may access, fill out, and sign an FERPA Release Form and bring it to the Registrar’s Office in order for their parents to have access to their grades. (In accord with FERPA laws, CMC’s full written policy with regard to educational privacy and student privacy rights can be found on the website.

Parents with questions regarding FERPA policies can contact the CMC Office of the Registrar at (909) 621-8101 or Parents with questions regarding HIPPA can contact the Student Health Center at (909) 921-8222 or

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Parent News, Commencement 2021  

Fostering Support, Building Community and Inclusivity on Campus

The Dean of Students Office at CMC is committed to building and maintaining a vibrant community, and is always available to help your student take full advantage of the many resources available. They provide guidance and assistance to students, help them to problem solve, and refer them to the appropriate resources. This office is always a good place to start with any question or issue. Together with students, they work to create a space that is inclusive and open to new and differing experiences and viewpoints. Below is a listing of just some of the programs and support organizations available.

Student Activities and Campus Organizations
The Student Activities Office advises, mentors, trains, and supports a variety of student organizations, clubs, and teams at CMC. These clubs and organizations cater to a variety of interests, cultures, and activities and provide an opportunity for CMCers to develop as leaders in a robust, inclusive environment where they can thrive. Some examples include:

For more information, visit the Student Activities website.

CARE Center
The Civility, Access, Resources, and Expression Center (CARE) engages and educates the CMC campus community to develop the skills needed to have difficult conversations, cross social barriers or ideological differences, and engage in effective dialogue with the goal of finding solutions. The CARE center trains a group of students, known as CARE fellows, to foster intercultural communication and be empathic leaders for the CMC campus community.

For more information, visit the CARE Center website.

New Student Mentoring Programs
New students likely have many questions about life on campus and within the 5Cs. Many upper classmen mentors are available including:

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Parent Network Board Meetings

The Parent Network Board meets quarterly to discuss ways to enhance the College experience and to hear from College leadership. Read the April Board Meeting minutes.

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