Class of 2004 15th Reunion

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Good news everyone: It’s time for one more CMC party weekend!

Bad news: We are now the awkward old people hanging around campus being a little weird while the students party. We don’t care if you don’t care.

That’s right- it’s reunion time!

Time to reminisce and think of our dear old CMC; the knowledge we gained, our many shared experiences and the lifelong friends we have because of it.

Time to celebrate 15 years since the last time you drank Icehouse Beer out of a red solo cup.

Time to connect with your classmates ON campus.

We’ve made our plans to be on campus April 25th to 28th, 2019. Please join us for a wonderful weekend and make your plans to attend CMC Alumni Weekend 2019!
We will:

  • Catch up with old friends
  • Check out the latest additions to campus (they’re amazing!)
  • Participate in ContinuEd sessions featuring faculty and alumni
  • See how well Mike Avent’s dangerous last-minute crash diet and workout regime has masked 15 years of accumulated paunch and jowls
  • Enjoy wine tasting, beer tasting and delicious meals
  • Catch up and reminisce at our class dinner
  • Dance late into the night at Monte Carlo

Please mark your calendars now and make your reservations at the DoubleTree Claremont at a reduced group rate of $169/ night plus tax. Call the hotel at 909-626-2411 or follow the Accommodations link.

Are you interested in joining us on this class of 2004 Alumni Weekend committee? Contact Cameron Pinckney ( – yes, he works at CMC these days) to get the details and be involved!

We can’t wait to see you soon!

Your Class of 2004 Alumni Weekend Committee

Mike Avent, Katya (Gentry) and Dustin Beckett, Luke Benedum, Mike Brandt, Carrie (Staples) Chase, Gena (Samqui) Hopper, iParty04, Zack Krelle, Brandi (Thompson) and Adam Lane, Seth Martindale, Phil McDermott, Bick McSwiney, Mercedes Munoz, and Cameron Pinckney

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