As we embark on the final days of our soon-to-be record-breaking Campaign for Responsible Leadership, we invite you to join us as we work toward a bright future — rooted in the finest aspects of our past — producing leaders whose performance and pragmatism are authentically CMC.

The Campaign focuses on three core pillars:

Honoring Our Leadership Mission by endowing for future generations CMC’s distinctive model of undergraduate education, including small class size and deep relationships with faculty; undergraduate research opportunities through centers and institutes; our signature approach to leadership development, personal growth and wellbeing; and, the Open Academy, our commitments to freedom of expression, viewpoint diversity and constructive dialogue.

Preparing Future Leaders Through Integrated Sciences by raising the technical and scientific fluency of all students to tackle the socio-scientific grand challenges of the day, buoyed by interdisciplinary connections with the social sciences and humanities, and steeped in computational approaches, ensuring their ability to lead within a modern economy. 

Expanding Transformative Student Opportunities by recruiting the top emerging scholar-leaders regardless of financial need and removing financial barriers to the full, four-year CMC experience through guaranteed summer internship funding, health insurance grants, family travel to campus, and so much more.

It would be our honor to work with you on a plan to make your own impactful investment in the future of CMC and our students. To schedule a conversation, please contact Ray Watts, CSPG, Associate Vice President of Development, at

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Leadership Society Gift Levels

President's Circle - $50,000

President's Society Patrons - $25,000

President's Leadership Council - $12,500

President's Society Sponsors - $ 10,000

President's Society - $5,000

Res Publica Society - $1,946

Res Publica Associates

Classes 2009-2013 - $1,000

Classes 2014-2018 - $500

Classes 2019-2023 - $150

George C.S. Benson Society - $750

James Madison Society - $300

Jack L. Stark Society - $150

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Questions about making a gift? Please contact Annual Giving at (800-448-3226), email at, or mail at: 400 N. Claremont Blvd., Claremont, CA 91711
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