Virtual Events Library

Virtual Events Library

We are thinking about you and how we might support you as we change our work and social habits.

If you missed the live viewing of a virtual event, please see the recorded versions below and watch at your leisure. For recorded sessions, video links will be posted as soon as they are available.

Upcoming Events

How COVID-19 is Affecting Our Democracy with Professor Jack Pitney
Thursday, April 2

Professor Jack Pitney discussed the effects COVID-19 is having on our democracy including the primaries, the general election, and the 2020 Census.Video

Anxiety Relieving Strategies to Use Yourself and With Your Teams with Laura (May) Grisolano '86
Friday, April 3

Acquire new ways to combat stress and relieve anxiety while working in this new environment. Great for personal use and those who manage teams.
Slides | Video

Opportunities to Invest in Yourself During the Pandemic - Self-Help Discussion with Laura (May) Grisolano '86
Thursday, April 9

These new routines and responsibilities provide an opportunity to redefine productivity and success. Download these slides and learn new strategies to invest in yourself. Slides | Workbook

Imagination During a Pandemic: How our Failure of Imagination Led to a Pandemic
Friday, April 10

How bad could it get? Failure to listen to experts, failure of testing, and also, failure of imagination led to this pandemic. Join Amy Kind, the Russell K. Pitzer Professor of Philosophy, as she discusses how the current pandemic revealed a collective failure of imagination. We failed to prepare because of our inability to imagine how bad things could become.

In this discussion, Professor Kind draws on her longstanding research project into imagination to discuss the current failures of imagination, what led to it, and ways to prevent it in the future. Video

Meditation Techniques for Insomnia & Stress with Jeff Gamer '84 & Melissa Matten, Co-Founders, Meditation for Regular People
Saturday, April 11

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Maximizing LinkedIn with Erikan Obotetukudo '13
Tuesday, April 14

Learn how to maximize your presence on LinkedIn to deepen relationships and grow your business during crisis. Video

Financial Planning After COVID-19 wiht Gary Birkenbeuel '80, B.A., Visiting Lecturer of Economics
Wednesday, April 22

The last few weeks have been surreal and frightening while watching a pandemic unfold rapidly across the globe. Life feels upside down. As we keep our children home from school, telecommute, and hug our grandchildren through computer screens, we hope our communal social distancing efforts are flattening the curve. The global economy and financial markets have shuddered in response. Spend an hour taking some of the worry out of your finances and learn how you can emerge healthier financially once our economy opens back up. Video

The Great Depression Part II: An Analysis of the Current Economic Situation as it Evolves with Manfred Keil, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics and Cameron Shelton, Ph.D., McMahon Family Associate Professor of Political Economy and George R. Roberts Fellow
Friday, April 24

Professors Keil and Shelton are two macroeconomists whose research interests include the study of economic conditions of the nation and the region. Professor Shelton is the Director of the Lowe Institute of Political Economy and Professor Keil leads the forecast group within the Lowe Institute. Together they guide almost 30 students as research assistants. Part of their economic analysis relies on a consumer sentiment survey conducted by the Lowe Institute for counties in Southern California where roughly 50% of Californians reside. Join the conversation to learn about the current economic situation and projected outlooks for the near future. Video

Crisis Leadership: Lessons From a Global Pandemic with Professor Ron Riggio P'10, Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology
Tuesday, April 28

Professor Riggio gives an in-depth review of what experts have learned in the past decades about the key characteristics in leadership, including an exploration of leadership through a global lens in light of the pandemic. He focused on the six duties of a leader and extracted lessons from leading nations, businesses, and even families. Video 

Democracy in a Time of Crisis with Zachary Courser '99, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor of Government
Thursday, May 7

How will Americans be able to express their votes and how will the current pandemic reshape elections this November? Join Professor Zachary Courser, Co-Director of CMC's Policy Lab, for a discussion of how states are adapting voting during this crisis, and what these changes might mean for November. Video

Pandemics with Jenny Taw, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Government
Friday, May 15

A quick primer on what pandemics are and how they've played out in the recent past, with an eye to global politics and human security. Video

Attend to Your Well-Being Through Compassion and Contemplative Meditation with Jeff Gamer '84 and Melissa Mattern (Co-Founders)
Monday, April 30

Virtual Event: Livesay

Pandemics in the Transformation of Colonial America with Professor Daniel Livesay
Tuesday, May 26

The current pandemic is unlike anything we've seen in our lifetimes. However, widespread outbreaks of disease were common in the early history of the Americas. This lecture will explore the ways that diseases transformed societies in the colonial period. Video will be posted soon!

Virtual Event: Livesay

Tony Poer '90, national sales manager for Meyer Family Cellars, Christopher Strieter M'11, founder and winegrower for Senses Wines, and Evan Rutter '06, sommelier and assistant vice president for Alumni and Parent Engagement
Thursday, May 28

Sonoma or Napa? Cabernet or Pinot Noir? Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc? Join us for a conversation on wine and the wine industry while tasting premium wines from California’s famous growing regions. Video will be posted soon!